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Your laundry isn’t as white as it used to be, the dishes have white marks that need to be scrubbed off again, and it’s going to take a miracle to convince your friends that the dry, straw-like substance growing out of your head is going to become the latest hairstyle trend. It’s not you; it’s your water. But does hard or soft water in your home really make that big of a difference?

Absolutely. It’s time to make a change you deserve and transform your lifestyle. Call us today at (402) 704-8059 to schedule an appointment!

Last year, over 90 percent of Americans had hard water in their homes and experienced less-than-ideal effects. With water softener installation, the high mineral content in hard water that causes clogged pipes or dingy clothing can be diminished. A water softener removes ions that produce negative results.

There’s an option right for your home, and these benefits are just what you’ve been searching for:

  1. Greater efficiency: Water softener installation is a clear choice – literally. Hard water causes buildup and scaling on your dishes and appliances, making them less efficient and far from the like-new condition you thought you’d never seen again. According to the Water Quality Research Foundation, using hard water in appliances such as water heaters can reduce efficiency by nearly 50 percent. Why would you want something that only works half as well as it could?

  2. Lather, rinse, (no need to) repeat: The dishes will be cleaner, and so will you. Hard water causes fewer suds, meaning you’ll likely have to use more soap to get yourself clean. With water softener installation, you can use nearly half the soap. Surprise! You can stop worrying if there’s extra soap scum waiting for you next time you jump in the shower. These benefits of soft water will make you cleaner, and your hair will once again experience voluminous body thanks to the extra lather in your shampoo.
  3. Money in the bank… Or in your wallet: More suds with less detergent means fewer trips to the store to keep buying the essentials that always seem to disappear too quickly. Start planning that vacation and save your money for something other than cleaning products. The small price to pay for installing a water softener is worth it in the long run. Can you say HAWAII!
  4. “You” time: Your day shouldn’t revolve around cleaning up after your appliances that are supposed to be doing the cleaning in the first place. You deserve time for you. Water softener installation will save you time and keep you from worrying if you need to set aside 15 minutes for an extra shower to get rid of that lingering sulfur smell from minerals in hard water. In reality, the shower was the reason you began to smell in the first place. Finding the best water softener to install is simple. You deserve to make this change right now. This is about you and who you share your home with. Water softener installation is about making the lifestyle changes you’ve been ready to take on with confidence.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we’re available 24/7 to help you with water softener installation. Our experts provide the highest quality service and repair, and you can count on our punctual plumbers to be on time.

Call today to schedule an appointment today at (402) 704-8059!

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