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Plumbing Products For Greater Omaha and Western Iowa


Benjamin Franklin is proud to offer the Greater Omaha repair and replacement services for the following products. If you do not see a plumbing product listed below that you need serve for, please contact us directly at (402) 715-9280 so we can best service your specific needs.


Residential Water Heater Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha


Water Heaters

Cold showers or odd rumbling noises mean it’s time to have your water heater checked. Benjamin Franklin® can diagnose the problem and offer solutions.

Learn More About The Types of Water Heaters & Our Services


Residential Water Softening and Conditioning Services In Omaha


Water Conditioners and Softeners

The soap scum build-up in your tub, rotten egg smell in your tap water and water spots on your glasses mean your water softener’s not doing its job. Benjamin Franklin® can help.

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Residential Drain and Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha



Drains are exit points from the home that deliver used materials to a sanitary sewer or septic system, when backed-up or clogged can lead to a messy situation with serious consequences in side your house and around your property. We can help get your drain cleared today.

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Residential Sink Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha



Whether it's trouble with your kitchen, bathroom or utility room sink, we offer comprehensive services to repair or replace it.

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Residential Running Toilet Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha



Toilets are a plumbing fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of solid and liquid bodily wastes. When they're constantly running or not functioning properly, it can cost you money on your water bill and potentially damage your home.

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Residential Leaking and Running Faucet Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha



That dripping faucet could be costing you hundreds. Benjamin Franklin® won’t let your money go down the drain. We will inspect the issue(s) to help immediately resolve the problem.

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Residential Water Pump Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha



Pumps are used to move fluids, such as gases, liquids or slurries. Pumps displace a volume by physical or mechanical action, causing a flow. Pumps generally fall into two major groups: positive displacement pumps and rotodynamic pumps. If you're pump is stalled out or broken, make an appointment and we can repair it or replace it for you.

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Residential Tub and Shower Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha


Tubs & Showers

Tubs and showers are containment areas, usually found in a bathroom or utility room, used for washing individuals or objects. They are characterized by an overhead nozzle that sprays water down, combined with a drainage system. From low water pressure to improper drainage to new hardware, our team of technicians are ready to assist.

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Residential Garbage Disposal Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha


Garage Disposals

Garbage disposals are devices, usually electrically-powered, installed under a kitchen sink between the sink's drain and the trap which shreds food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing. When clogged or ineffective, you'll notice sink back-ups and food waste not properly clearing the disposal system. You also may notice an odd motor notice. We can inspect your situation and are here to help with repair and/or replacement.

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Residential Pipe and Sewer Plumbing Repair and Replacement In Omaha


Pipes & Sewers

Two primary piping systems in your home involve water pipes that bring water into the house and sewer lines that remove wastewater. Both are subject to damage and leaks from items placed within them and external factors such as tree roots. If you are noticing issues with your pipes or server, we can help you inspect them, and if needed repair them, to ensure optimum operation.

Learn More About Our Pipe And Sewer Services


Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing with questions about plumbing repairs and maintenance by calling us at (402) 715-9280.